Purepet Mackerel Adult Cat Food, 1.2 kg

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This is a Non-vegetarian product.

About this item

Enriched with Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients promote the health benefits of cat

Prebiotics and Probiotics improve the digestive system and keep the immunity strong

The blend of organic minerals along with the essential ingredients help to control urinary pH

All the ingredients get thoroughly checked to maintain the safety, quality and the nutritional value of the food

Returnable (Not Applicable For Health and Personal Care Items): 7 Days

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10 reviews for Purepet Mackerel Adult Cat Food, 1.2 kg

  1. Carlos G D’Souza

    My cat likes this flavour so I like it. I have ordered once again.Requesting only if possible – if u can send me a sample of the Salmon and tuna flavour so I check if my cat likes that flavour too…I was going to buy that flavour today but was not sure if she would like it and hence resorted to the mackerel 7 kg packet as she has eaten that before.Thank you and keep producing good quality products like u r presently.

  2. Shagnick M.

    Purepet products have evolved with time and are now quality wise at par with other international brands. They have become the staple food diet for my 6 kitties over time. Initially, starting with one single flavour, they have now progressed to several flavours, which is great and at par with international brands available in India. Also, great value for money. When I have an option, I will always go for home products.

  3. AN

    My cat seems to love this flavour the best. Tried this one and the Ocean Fish one and she prefers this. There is a marked improvement in her weight, coat and general health after we started giving her Purepet over Drools or Meat Up. She would be her hungry when on the other two brands and we fed her more than the recommended amount, yet she was quite skinny and the coat wasn’t looking this great. Now she is satiated, so eats only the recommended amount and is in good health also. Highly recommend!

  4. Blue

    Both Boo and Kitty and very happy with Purepet, Kitty is extremely picky about her food but she was happy with Purepet Mackerel from day 1. When Boo appeared at my doorstep, I was looking for more affordable alternatives than Whiskas and found Purepet to be great. I have been feeding them this for over a month now.

  5. Amazon Customer

    The moment I put her food out, she started hogging on it. I waited to see any side effects like puking and all but none. No lethargy. She was playful as usual. It’s a pic of her after having breakfast. She just loved it.

  6. Ankita

    I have been feeding this to my stray cat for more than 6 months now, she likes it and as we were keeping this food outside for her, right now we have 4 more stray cats eating this and liking it.The packet does say to start slowly with introducing small amount and then increasing daily, I did follow that, so I didn’t have problem with her puking or anything. But it is not suitable for kittens as they throw up after eating, so we have to keep an eye while kittens are around because they like its taste.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I tried this pack for the first time for my stray cats. Trust me they cleaned the food bowl once I give it to them. I ordered this mackerel flavour cat food referring to the feedback below and it really works. Kudos!!! It’s the best part not heavy on you pocket.

  8. jen

    My cat loved the product. This is the first time I bought this flavour. She loves this mackerel flavour more than ocean fish.Well packed and quick delivery.

  9. Cloud3

    Bought it at only 799rs. Very affordable cat food.My 2.5 year old female cat(Rani) and her 5 month old kittens ( kaju, badam, kismis) like it. I feed it some stray cats, all cats like it.

  10. Pri

    My persian ? loves it so much. We have been making it eat whiskas from last 3 years so I was sceptical while ordering it. To my surprise, my cat totally loved it. Also my cat only eat dry food, so I would highly recommend for the cats who loves dry food. ?After using it for 2 months- Realised that it makes your cat hungry, so ur cat keeps on asking for food every now and then. Whereas, when my cat eat Whiskas, it never happened. My cat finishes this packet of purepet way too fast in comparison to whiskas. So in terms of cost, it almost cost you the same. Purepet has something that makes your cat hungry again and again. This seems to be their marketing strategy.

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