Pilot V7 Hi-tecpoint Pen with cartridge system – 1 Blue, 1 Black Pen, 2 Blue cartridges, 2 Black cartridges

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For the first time! Pilot V7 Tecpoint Pen comes with rechargeable cartridge system

4 V7 cartridges with this special pack

Ideal for school and college students

Writes twice as much as a gel pen

Pure liquid ink for smooth Skip free writing

Returnable (Not Applicable For Health and Personal Care Items): 7 Days

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10 reviews for Pilot V7 Hi-tecpoint Pen with cartridge system – 1 Blue, 1 Black Pen, 2 Blue cartridges, 2 Black cartridges

  1. Omesh Rana

    Though the price was printed 135 RS only, but if it’s sold online than I expect a little less should be asked, … Anyways I liked the pen and the wrighting was great with its smooth tip. Thank u amazon.

  2. Pritam M.

    I got 2 pens ( blue + black )4 blue cartridge (1 in pen and 3 in the pack)3 black cartridge (1 in pen and 2 in the pack)Please believe me !!I expected 2+2 cartridgesThanks for the extra cartridges.Writing is smoother in blue pen than the black one.***SORRY BUT U CANNOT INSERT ANY CARTRIDGE OTHER THAN V7 CARTRIDGES***AS IT DOESN’T FITS .believe me , gift it to a student who writes rarely and watch him grow to writing and remembering everything .I fell in love with writing.?Cartridge are sold at 23 rupees for set of 2 .Don’t buy cartridges online before checking nearby shops The black pen though writes a little coarse , give nice matte finish lines . -WITH THANKS , #RESKEN OUT


    As shown in the images, there is one black pen and one blue pen along with two black refills and two blue refills. The pens already have refills in them as well. I love the colour of these pens but there will be ghosting if you are using low quality pages as you can see in the images. Overall, I find it worth the price, (I got it for 135 which is the regular price but at times you may even get it with a discount) if you’re looking for an ink pen but don’t want to buy the regular ink pens. Note that this one has a ballpoint tip.

  4. Hari D

    Both the pens write really well and my two kids are now fighting when they need to use the same colour, so I think I will buy another set so that they both will have both colours. They have done a lot of writing and there is still plenty of ink left in the first cartridge itself, which means these will last a long time. When the first cartridge is over, I will experiment with filling different fountain pen inks and see how it goes.An oversight is that they don’t bundle a cap for the cartridges, which means, a cartridge needs to be always installed in the pen. It would sometimes be safer (leakproof) to carry the pen with no cartridge. Also, a spent catridge can’t be refilled in advance and carried with you. It shouldn’t cost them much to supply them with some sort of a leakproof cap.

  5. RBN

    Those of you who love to write with a gel pen this will be an excellent replacement. Lastly long and has a very smooth nib compared to trimax. Feels grippy and solid in the hand. But make sure you are writing on a good quality paper because on some of sheets that aren’t upto the mark, I noticed that the ink blots.

  6. Snehangshu Mishra

    Handwriting should be big for people to purchase this pen since it is a broad writer.Otherwise go for pilot v5 which has finer nib.Only problem with v7 is it will bleedthrough on cheap paper, and very small amount of feathering is present, especially if one writes small.Otherwise this is an excellent writer, and is buttery smooth, especially for those who write large and fast. You acually will find this to be even smoother than many gel pens in the market. Overall a great bang for your buck.P.S.- PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT CARTRIDGES YOU ARE USING TO REFILL THIS PEN. I’VE SEEN FOLKS PUT PILOT FOUNTAIN PEN CARTRIDGES IN THEIR V7 AND VICE VERSA AND THEN GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS COMPLAINING THEIR PEN DOESN’T WRITE SO WELL. PLEASE THINK BEFORE DOING ANYTHING THANK YOU.P.p.s.- attached are the pictures of my pens with their last cartridges after 4 months of purchase. Still in fine working condition. Still weiting as smoothly as on day of delivery.

  7. Kaustubh Jalvi

    Pros:1) Good looks2) Low price (2 pens +6 cartridges for Rs. 135/- ) but good quality3) Trusted Pilot Hitec-point feel of the nib. Very smooth nib with wet inkflow.4) Cartridge system. Will be interesting to see refilling capabilities.Cons:Only nitpick would be not having waterproof ink but it’s more of a suggestion .

  8. jebarson

    I recently bought the Pilot V7 Hi-tech Pen cartridge system. I hope this review is useful for those who are thinking to but the Pilot V7 Hi-tech Pen. This review contains Pros and Cons. The following pros and cons are written after a month of using the pen.Pros:*the pen has a smooth tip which helps when we are writing fast.*with this pen you can write up to 80 pages*the colour of the ink is dark blue which is niceCons:*the paint came after using for a month for daily writingsthat is the only con I found in this pen. Hope you are helped by this review

  9. Kumar Abhinav

    Nice pen better than v5 and the best part you get this on cheaper price on amazon.It is good if you have to write long and it comes with 2blue and 2black refill.Best for writing on a4 size sheets.I have used this product for long time i will definitely recommend this product to everyone if you like heavy pen .It is sort of heavy feeling if you hold it for too long.

  10. SEJ

    Both the pen are of very good quality. Writes smoothly. There is a cartridge inside each pen and there are extra 2blue and 2 black cartridge. We got it on 8/nov and it still has extra cartridge for each color despite of everyday writing.

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