Milton Plastic Rectangular First Aid Box, 1 Piece, White, Smal

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Material: Plastic, Finish: Plastic, Color: White

Item Dimension: 228mm x 152mm x 73mm

See-through lid to spot the contents easily

Compact design for proper storage of all basic medical equipment

Additional partitioned tray to segregate the equipment and medicines

Handle attached for convenience

Made of highly durable and strong quality plastic for long-term use

Returnable (Not Applicable For Health and Personal Care Items): 7 Days

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10 reviews for Milton Plastic Rectangular First Aid Box, 1 Piece, White, Smal

  1. j Dj

    Pros•high quality plastic•fantastic shape & appropriate size•convenient partitioned movable tray•lot of space below movable tray•sooo handy because of handle & overall shape•lock presentCons•not air-tight•plastic lock seems flimsy (can break at hinge part)My Experience : Bought for my mom, very very useful. We are keeping tablets (both strips & bottles) and syringes which is very easy & convenient storage.

  2. Shweta Khamesra

    This Milton medical box is made of high quality plastic material and is white in color.The lid of the box is transparent so that one can easily see through what is kept inside the box.It has a red colored handle so that you can easily carry it.and easy to open and close latchIt is nor too big nor very small and can hold upto 2 bottle of cough syrup or any other syrup.It has a separate tray on the top where you can keep ointment thermometer tablet and bandages. The tray has three partition.Below the tray you can keep smaller items such has ,balm vaporub etc and other large size tablet packets.It has good space and is the best way to organize all your medicines at one place.Since its made of good quality plastic it can be washed easily and doesn’t occupy much space.

  3. Sandhya

    Good for keeping my daily medicines, eye drop and other essential stuffs. Moreover I got it in a affordable price, it looks decent than earlier when I used to store my medicines in plastic boxes. It would more convenient to carry to office.

  4. Tanu B.

    My mom got a super great cut in her hand while chopping I don’t even know where to find the products nd what to do or apply. Finally my maid gave me a sense to apply turmeric powder… The thing is my mind wasn’t prepared that time nor it work properly when these things are happening. You should have one of these boxes in your house in a permanent place if.Things put in boxDettol , boroline, bandages, cotton ,betadine, thermometer, general medicines for headache, dehydration, diarrhea, stomach ache,fever nd some etc medicines which you use on daily basis.Really people this is a must have in your home And a medical pouch in your car and scooty. Don’t ignore it.

  5. Lachu

    First aid kit is an essential for every ?..go for it itz the bestFirst of all 4 stars for the storage capacity.. Itz not that big as I expected…A first aid kit is necessary for every ?..and ?s off to Milton for such a handy product..with good qualityEasy to carry (as it is not too big)HandyGood quality product 5/5High qualitySpaciousGood for priceA must buyHighly recommended

  6. Utkarsh Agrawal

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     If ever there was a product on Amazon which had no competitors, this Milton Medical Box surely has to be one of them. It is one of those products which a buyer loves to buy since the reviews and the price don’t create a single doubt in the mind. I personally took less than 5 minutes to buy this product after I was fed-up with the degree of mismanagement of medicines in my house and the absence of any first aid at one place. When there is very less to talk about the comparisons of a product with similar products, it is only good that I delve right into the merits and demerits of the product itself.PROS•• EASY TO IDENTIFY: The Milton Medical Box comes in a clean white look with deep red coloured handle and lock alongwith a globally recognised plus sign in green background which which makes it very easy to identify. This feature becomes very important during an emergency when the working members of the house may not be present and someone comes from the neighborhood to help someone in pain. This box has such a distinct look that even a stranger would know where the first aid is.•• EASY TO CARRY: Sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage all your daily medicines and first aid at different places of requirement. It might be a possibility that you are going on a long trip with your family by road and you do not want to carry different medicines in different bagpacks which are very difficult to find when the need arises. This is where this medical box does it’s job by being extremely portable with its ergonomically designed handle. Also, when the doomed emergencies do occur it is required that the first aid comes as quickly as possible with all the necessary requirements. Only such a medical box which has a handle like it can fulfill this requirement.•• EASY LOCK MECHANISM: The lock mechanism of this Milton Medical Box is so user friendly that you can easily open it just by the use of one single hand( I have uploaded a video showcasing the same). You just have to use the index finger and the thumb of your preferred hand to easily open and close the box. I don’t know if people realise the utility of this feature but I can guarantee that it does wonders when you are really providing first aid to someone and there is no one around to help.•• SEE THROUGH LID: The Milton Medical Box comes with a transparent top cover which helps in quickly identifying what to find and what not to find in the box. This feature can be really helpful for the elderly people in our house who usually have a weak eyesight and tend to become dependent over others for their daily medicines. With this box they can easily have their medicines without taking anyone’s help and thereby enjoy the pride of being independent.•• COMPARTMENTS AND SEGREGATION ALLOW EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT: This Milton Medical Box comes with a segregation which divides the box into two parts. This feature allows you to segregate your important and non important medicines. There are always some medicines in every house that are used daily and some that are used once in a while. With this medical box you can easily segregate your medicines in two such groups so that you don’t have to grapple with a huge bunch of medicines everyday. Also, you can easily tear off 2-3 tablets from the important medicines sachet( which can be really big at times) and keep it in the compartments provided in the detachable segregator to save on some time as well. The best thing about this segragator is that it is less than the width of the box which provides you with some special space to keep those bottles of medicines which are tall or which have to be kept in an upright position.•• EXTREMELY SPACIOUS: This Milton Medical Box is extremely spacious. I have kept 10-12 sachets of different medicines and 4-5 ointments in this box but it is still left with a lot of space. I don’t think that you would have to look any further than this box if anyone in your house is in any kind of discomfort.•• MORE THAN WORTH THE MONEY: It is quite astonishing that something which costs only ₹231 is so accomplished in every sense. There is no reason why everyone should not have one of these in their house because it is simply perfect. Even the MATERIAL QUALITY is better than what I expected at the price which makes this medical box extremely DURABLE. I guarantee that this Milton Medical Box promises a long haul in your house because it ain’t going to break.CONS•• VULNERABLE LOCK: Eventhough I have heaped a lot of praise upon this Milton Medical Box, there is one thing which is a bit annoying about it. Sometimes the lock doesn’t work smoothly and you will have to try 2-3 times to securely close it. However, this only happens when you try to be too quick and don’t try to understand its mechanism. Once you are familiar with its mechanism there is the least chance that you will not open or close it at one single attempt.The overall experience of this Milton Medical Box is well above par. I have been using it for more than a month now and it seems that it is the perfect thing that one can ask for. It is easily the best medical box that you can find anywhere. Considering the price at which it comes, it is more than BANG FOR ONE’S BUCK!!

  7. Sarkhazi

    Need——The need of having this emergency aid box is very obvious and important. We need one piece of box or a bag to keep all the emergency required stuff at one place to have it being found in any case of emergency or to have a first aid. This box does fulfill the need.Design——–This box has one large compartment inside.And a small tray is being sicked on top for keeping light items like bandage, bandage ribbons ointment etcYou can keep as many as medicines you wish in the larger compartment.Size is good enough to hold medicines for a good big family.Conclusion————One should have this box for al lour emergencies requirements and to make one place specially for urgent need of medicines ointments and first aid kit. This Milton First Aid box does fulfill the need.A must have item for a home..

  8. Kapil Gupta

    It’s properly sized box for your medicines. It has a soft lock. Made with very good quality plastic. A must for every home.

  9. Prabhakaran

    Product is as described, very useful and compact. But with the delivery persons filthy behaviour I am totally upset and thinking that why should I order this and why should I meet such a bad delivery person !!These types of customers dis-satisfaction will definitely lead to unforeseen business to Amazon sellers. Kindly correct it.

  10. Amazon Customer

    awesome….. very nice product.good for family with 4-5 members.i am happy with product. and it was more than expectations. there are some reviews said it is small, but i don’t think that it is small. definitely you will satisfied with this product. 5+ stars for the product.agent failed to deliver the product on time. delivery agent gave me the spot which was 1.5 Km away form delivery address. i asked the reason agent tried to abuse me. worst delivery service for prime customer by amezon.

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