Luxor 5 Subject Single Ruled Notebook – A4, 70 GSM, 300 pages

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Twin wiro binding

Paper color: White

Paper density: 70 gsm

No of pages 300

Returnable (Not Applicable For Health and Personal Care Items): 7 Days

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10 reviews for Luxor 5 Subject Single Ruled Notebook – A4, 70 GSM, 300 pages

  1. Harsha Kumar

    Good quality. Wanted a book like this for college purposes. Easier to maintain a single book.It has coloured dividers, also a place to write important dates. The spiral binding is of good quality as well.Also has a sleek pen holder at the back of the book.

  2. GrishReviews

    I completely loved this product. It has the ideal qualities of a perfect notebook.The following features make it a star product at the price at which it is being sold by Amazon.1. Paper quality – The paper used is and ultra white one, different from the pale or bluish white paper used in various other notebooks. It has a thickness of 70 GSM which makes it ideal for all used (college notes, office use, etc).2. Subject wise separators – The notebook has different coloured plastic sheets which separate it into 5 sections which enables you to use a single notebook for five various subjects and also keep them organized without having to fold papers and add bookmarks.3. Cover – The notebook has a durable and sturdy plastic cover which does not get folded unnecessarily. Also, it is waterproof and keeps the sheets inside it safe and clean.4. Easy to tear sheets – The sheets are finely micro perforated near the binding line which helps you tear off the sheets easily when needed.5. Binding – The notebook has been bound by a twin wired binding and hence it makes flipping through the pages hassle free for you.6. Pen holder – The back cover has a pen holder slot which makes it easier for you to carry the notebook and pen along with you everywhere.The book is a perfect one for me and suits my work.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I got the book during an offer and it has been very convenient to take notes in for different subjects or topics. It has lasted for more than 2 years

  4. Aravind Naick

    The paper quality is great, and the binding quality is really good. The book is classified into 5 sections for convenience.This is certainly not a daily purpose notebook to take notes for the short term. Rather, it is preferable to use it for things that you want to remember for long – like a hardcopy contacts list or in vocabulary building. My wife and I use it for noting down never-before-seen words/concepts that we encounter so that we can revisit them occasionally. To achieve this, the 5 sections of the book have been split alphabetically into groups. eg: A-E, F-J,…

  5. Tia

    Love this. This is best priced notebook or journal you can find. I wanted a planner but eventually took this and it is better than expected at this price.

  6. SIMBA

    It’s a good quality notepad at a reasonable price. Bought it for 240 rupees. For starters, let me say, please don’t compare these notepads to Moleskine notepads. They are good budget, everyday notepads.Observations:1. Large. Holding with one hand is heavy. Accommodates a lot of writing on one single page. Great for students and corporates who want to take large notes for lectures and meetings. Please refer to the pics of the notepad. I have compared it to a 13″ Mac book Air & also my hand on notepad. My hand is medium size. I wear medium size gloves, so that should give you a perspective.2. The spiral wire is strong and does not get stuck on opening. So that’s good.3. Subject divider for 5 subjects – different color dividers, pink/yellow/green/blue. The subject dividers are made from poly. So won’t rip out easily.4. 300 pages and is single ruled. The space between the two lines is decent. Good for people with large handwriting, such as myself. Also the sheet are micro-perforrated. So easy to tear off.Paper size is: 21.6 cms *27.9 cms5. Paper quality is 70 GSM. Although, I would have preferred a better quality GSM & honestly wouldn’t have mind paying more for it. But this will do.6. Paper color is white. It’s not yellow or cream color. It’s pure white with blue lines.7. Has a pen holder on the back cover.Overall, a good purchase. Within my budget.

  7. Amazon Customer

    The notebook is value for money. Its truly a premium notebook. The quality of paper and the spring is too good. It’s much more superior than other competitor of same price. I ordered one from the other competitor and unfortunately i opted to return as the spring was defective. Pretty happy with LUXOR notebook. I didn’t received on time. But i am happy with the product. The packing was also good.

  8. Gautam

    Very happy with this item. Exactly as described. Conveniently partitioned into separate sections to help keeping notes fro different subjects separat

  9. Arun

    Good book – it’s help me to handle four subject and one rough work area – total five book area utilised- paper good for ball pen – ink pen I’m not sure

  10. SmartShopper

    I wanted a sturdy, large and sectioned notebook, with good quality paper that doesn’t allow ink bleeding on the other sode. This notebook fits the bill!I got this for just rs195 in the diwali sale. Delivered within one day – I’m a happy customer!

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