GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter & 4 international sockets

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4+1 power strip which comes with 4 international sockets & 1 Master switch

Socket Type: International socket which is suitable for different types of plugs used around the world

Safety shutter: It has a child safety shutter. Ensures safety of your loved ones against electric shock

Indicator: Indicates availability of power supply ; Material: Polycarbonate ; Other Features: Versatile Sockets ; Fire-retardant

Total Max load of 10A

Length of cable = 2m

Safety shutdown technology – It has Thermal overload trip to power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current. In case of overload the protector will trip to switch off position. You can press red button to return to safe function mode

Fire retardant protection: All the sockets parts of the product have been manufactured from fire-retardant imported engineering products

Ergonomic design- Adequate space has been provided between the sockets for accommodating plugs of different designs

Suitable for household, office, computer, DVD, T.V Note:Ensure that the electronic equipment complies with the rated voltage. Never exceed the rated maximum current load. Never Wire the Plug directly to the mains.Do not use damaged Plug, lead or Socket. Do not use in wet, moist or damp conditions.

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10 reviews for GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter & 4 international sockets

  1. Frost Fire

    My primary requirement is proper Earthing, and there are many Spikeguard which doesn’t have earth (mostly for show/fake) or they are mostly very poorly built. So my first task when I buy a spike-guard is to first open the whole thing and check for defects and confirm that Earth is working. The second thing I check is the loose socket connection which is very common. Based on all these points, below is my final review:Meets Basic Requirements:✓ Good Earthing Connection (It handled leaks, up to my expectations)✓ Sockets are tight and hold the plugs firmly✓ Quite a good build qualityPlus Points:✓ It somewhat gives OnePlus vibe based on its color combination✓ Feels good aestheticallyNegative/Questionable Points:✕ Plugs are very close (What bugs me is that – board has quite an unused space, they could have spaced the plugs properly)⭕︎ On/Off switch seems a bit off (I wouldn’t play with it when my devices are connected)⭕︎ Not sure if the circuit breaker will work properly on overheating for a long time (most products with the same mechanism that I bought failed in 1 to 1.5 years)

  2. Amazonis

    what an amazing product amazon gave me.100% satisfaction if you want a permanent product not a temporary one.the color is so nice and soothing,it has a seperate button to turn it on and off which is the best part.you donot need to turn it on and off from the main point.also it has universal ports that is another best part.the wire is really long and thick also it is off a real good quality any one would love.So just go for it!i give five stars for the packaging also. 🙂

  3. Subin Suresan

    Initial impressions: Great ♥️Pros- The in hand feel of this product is premium. There is one red led which blinks when turned on via the red press switch. I opened it up and it’s a double way switch, meaning it will control both phase and neutral seperately. There are shutters for protection which you can see in picture’s. Also there’s one overload protection switch. Best part is instead of using wires for connecting inside sockets, they have used plates which I’m sure will last long.Cons- The switch is little too noisy in operation. I mean compared to rest of the parts, the switch seemed cheap. Since there’s no individual switches for operation, I’m not complaining though as i will be keeping it on anyways.Great product grom GM. Got @349 in Great Indian festival from Cloudstail ( who by the way is the only authorised GM partner in Amazon for warranty services). I will attach some pictures. Please mark helpful if found useful. Thanks

  4. Gregoryhouse

    Very good Quality Power cord, Has a total of 4 usable plugs and 1 common switch. There is a red color led which glows to show that the power cord is on,The Cable quality is very good and long enough for almost all uses. The Plug is also of high qualityI have connected the following to this – >ComputerDisplay,PrinterSpeakers.Overall I am Very Satisfied with his and hopefully should last me a long time.5* Product!

  5. Darshan Blon

    I found to astoundingly beautiful and very vibrant punchy colour makes it look attractive. I happened to buy a local extension chord and had to bear electric current and flickering issues on my TV and hence decided to get this one as it is not much tangly and has a decent amount of plug points(4) which is ample for my need.The wire is not much longer and might not satisfy your need if you are looking for a longer chord though.but quality wise it is fantastic and I guess justifies the price which I felt a bit expensive at first but now I guess it’s alright.lets see how it functions further.i got two of these and am happy with my purchase.

  6. Haradhan Patra

    First of all I want to say if you are helpful from my review then give me vote and click on helpful .I bought this product @449 from Amazon .You will get it @375 on great indian festival or prime deal offer .I bought this product 2nd time on Prime Day Deal on Amazon @375.Now I am going to review this product .Firstly the wire quality is superb .It’s length 2meter and can withstand 2500Watt load(10amp wire) .It has four 5point female plug point with shutter on off system.Overall the product is value for money .I review this product after using 5month .Thanks for see my review.

  7. Manasvi Sareen

    * Made of good material* Does not feel cheap at all.* On/off button is discreet.* No problem fitting different types of plugs.* Till now whatever I have tried, no plug feel loose in it.

  8. Hari D

    I bought this and made a small mod. I wanted to install it on the wall to convert a single wall socket into 4 so I bought this model as it can be mounted on the wall. However, it comes with a long cord which will come in the way for my purpose, so I opened it, desoldered the cord joints, trimmed the cord and resoldered it. You can see the final result in the attached picture. I took some pictures of the interiors also and you can see that the wiring inside is very clean. The nuts tighten well and it feels sturdy. I was also able to get it to sit on the wall with no slack and no movement. I was able to mark the wall for screw holes from the inside of the back cover (when it was opened), so the screw positions were perfect. I placed it snugly next to the wallplate, so that the strip won’t move to the left and keep it properly locked. One mistake I did was to align the lower side of the strip with where the plug is going to be. If it was positioned slightly lower the wire wouldn’t have appeared to hang loose.

  9. Rajesh J.

    Pros – Looks great and stylish hence even if kept in open will not look like a mess. Supports international electric slot plugs as well. Wire is quite lengthy as required.Cons – Doesn’t have individual switch for each socket.Wire is too lengthy. Seems like some mediocre plastic that needs to be handed delicately.Overall, you can definitely buy it if you want a long wired spike guard with only 1 on/of switch. A great use if you will be using all the sockets at one time.

  10. PM

    Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of the extension setup.Pro’s :1. Colourful and Attractive design2. Robust build quality. The wire is also of good quality, and capable of 10A current3. Has a red light indicator to indicate when the plugs are active and taking in currentCon’s:1. Does not have individual switches for each socket. Has only 1 switch for all the 4 sockets.But at this rate, I feel we get a bang for our buck.

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