Dettol Liquid Disinfectant Cleaner for Home, Lime Fresh, 1L

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About this item

DISINFECTANT LIQUID: Protects from 100 illness causing germs

MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER: Great for everyday personal and home hygiene

LIME FRAGRANCE: Anti-bacterial disinfectant liquid cleaner has a fresh lime fragrance

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Dettol Multi-purpose cleaner is safe on skin and on all surfaces

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: All Dettol products are recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA)

AVAILABLE IN 2 FRAGRANCES: Fresh Lime and Menthol Cool

Returnable (Not Applicable For Health and Personal Care Items): 7 Days

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10 reviews for Dettol Liquid Disinfectant Cleaner for Home, Lime Fresh, 1L

  1. Sudha singh

    Original product

  2. SVS

    I am sure that everyone knows the different virtues of an antiseptic like Dettol.However, I use it mainly for 2 purposes, and that is why this item is a constant in my shopping list.A. Mopping of floors: 1 cap of Dettol with 2 caps of Lizol (or other floor cleaner of your choice) makes the floors clean. Since I have pets, I pay special attention to the cleanliness of floors. Use a magic mop and spin bucket for best results. The cleanliness of the surface lasts almost 3x the duration of a normal cloth mopping.B. Bath water. Old fashioned, but I still use 1 cap of Dettol in my bath water. Serves as well as any deo, and saves wastage (no pressurised cans wasted) and money.

  3. Utsab Kumar Sarkar

    Product and packaging quality is great and awesome…scent and freshness is very good…its worth the value of money.. experience the amazing delivery on Amazon

  4. Ghoulygirl

    We all know the Dettol brand. I grew up with this brand back home in Sydney. I am not fond of the alleged disinfectants at the local markets. Good to see Dettol expanded. I use this in my floor wash, you only need a very tiny amount as it soaps up, I do mix it with a little lizzol to other floor cleaner. Great for the bathroom and kitchen do. Happy customer!!

  5. Sandeep Patil ?

    Dettol is no doubt a good brand for disinfectant liquids. As compare to dettol original, this Lime fragrance gives a fresh feel after using. Can use for floors, kitchen tiles, bathroom, laundry & shaving purpose. I use this disinfectant liquid with water in this COVID-19 pandemic to wash products and spray on doors, door bell, all surfaces etc. We can use this for bathing purpose also. It is multi-purpose cleaner is safe on skin and on all surfaces. Nice way to disinfect your home.

  6. Amitabha Kusari

    As Civilisation came to a sticky end, the remaining Survivors fought over the last piece of the famed Antiseptic, claimed to be effective against all manners of Germs covering the world. Finally, a handful remained to satiate the desire of those quick enough to steal as many as they could grab. Was it, then, worth it, for One Man, serving his own base desires, to grab the last Dettol? Over those that truely needed it, like healers of the sick people, or seek the ire of hoarders, who wanted the Last Dettol at any cost? The answer is yes, for not only this Dettol is effective as an Antiseptic, but also smells nice.


    Product is 100% genuine. Dettol lime fresh fregnance is best than normal one. And its give a fresh fragrance. Usually I used to purchased from medicine shop. After locked Down I order from amazon. Packing was perfect. No licking. Current date of packing . And on time delivery. Don’t think twice. Go for it . It’s genuine manufacture by Reckitt Benckiser( India) Pvt. Ltd

  8. Nishant Kumar

    Dettol is one of the leading brand in anticeptic and disinfectant category. This one works better in all places specially in keeping view of the pandemic time. Must recommend to everyone and kudos to Amazon for having these products easily available.

  9. TANIA

    Great product from Dettol. As advertised, it can be used in bathing, shaving, laundry disinfection, floor cleaning, kitchen & bathroom cleaning, refrigerator and cleaning other substances.

  10. Meghnad

    I have never purchased this variety before. I have always used dettol antiseptic liquid. But during lock-down it was vanished from local medicine stores. So I moved online, it was even difficult to get one there also. However, after lots of attempt I got 1. After using this for shaving purpose I think it is equally good as antiseptic variety. It leaves a freshness felling after washing face with this. This leaves a refreshing fragrance if mixed with bathing water. I am very much pleased after using this variety and will buy this again in future.

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